Ready for female leadership: THe Future is now

A collection of essays, supporting gender inclusive leadership qualities for a sustainable future.

Table of Contents


Foreword by Robert Baker



1) Marlene de Koning – Using Your Voice

2) Dick Rüger – We Need to Use EI & Other Qualities (More)

3) Vivian Acquah – Amplifying Your Career Through Mentorship

4) Charlotte Heilmann – This Is a Man’s World…

5) Yulia Yavid – The Importance of Financial Intelligence

6) Béatrice Blondiau – Trust Your Own Capacities and Realize Your Potential

7) Janine Khuc – Opening Doors

8) Sonya Richardson – The Strength of Maternal Lineage

9) Pema Nooten – Can You Imagine Finding Yourself?

10) André Knol – New Leadership to Help Solve the Global Challenges

11) Wendy Broersen – Why You Need Men in Your Life to Be Successful

12) Tessa van Keeken – Embrace Your True Self

13) Rosemary Amato – Facts – Memories – Plans: Just Data!

14) Nico Samaras – Become Your Best Self

15) Blanca Vergara – Wounds, Wealth, and Wisdom

16) Melissa Raczak – Preventing Burnout and Managing Well-Being

17) Ana Herrero-Wallace – How Every Woman Can Start Investing

18) Dr. Margarita Lourido – Finding Joy and Succeeding in Difficult Situations

19) Caroline van Leuven – Networking is an Art

20) Sheila Gemin – A Next Phase for D&I

21) Francia Agterhof – The Power of Mutual, Talent Based Growth

22) Shokoofeh Ketabchi – Women’s Relationship with Power

23) Albane Houri – A Confused State of Affairs

24) Mark Cavallo – Why Empathetic, Compassionate Men Need to Step Up

25) Bernice Feller-Thijm – Genuine Connections

26) Archana Wuntakal – If Not You, Then Who?

27) Mary Jane Roy – For the Sake of Transparency

28) Anna Tropsch – Women in Leadershift


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